Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sky Scooters

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Jet Ski Thingies
JACKSONVILLE — There have been a number fast-moving developments at Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) of late, most importantly, the City Council approved a “2030 Mobility Plan and Fee” for the Northeast Florida multi-modal transit network on May 24th.

Thursday at 4:03pm ·  ·  · 

    • Patty Lamb ‎2030? Do you have plans to ride it then?
      Friday at 2:44pm · 

    • Karen A. Gardner I plan to own a chair-on-wheels in 2030.
      3 hours ago · 

    • Patty Lamb By then, maybe like a water jet sky but fly around in the air.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Patty Lamb I mean jet ski thingy
      2 hours ago · 

    • Karen A. Gardner Maybe everyone will have their own lunar landers, too.
      about an hour ago · 



  1. That man again I see has been creating more illustrative mischief.

  2. Yes, Patty and I had a wonderful time on our Jet Ski Thingies.


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