Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Man Ray

Editor's note -- Roger "I dunno" Ebert didn't know this is a picture of a guy holding a headless action figure while standing next to a bizarrely-dressed mannequin.
It's not easy to recognize Salvadore Dali because his mustache is normal-looking.

Editor's note -- The guy holding the action figure is Salvatore Dali. The Editor assumes that Man Ray took the picture because they were friends and did weird things together. 

 Roger Ebert 
 by karenagardner
Photo for 10/25 of I dunno what: 


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comic book characters

Editor's note -- Michael Kupperman went to New York Comic Con 2011 this weekend dressed in a Mark Twain costume. He had his picture taken with Beetlejuice, Solomon Grundy, Big Bird and a Wookie. 
 "It was more fun than being just a guy and making small talk. Like being a character at Disneyland," said Mark Twain.
(photo by Alex Cox)
Editor's note -- Here is a picture of Michael Kupperman in a Mark Twain costume  with Beetlejuice. Michael was at NY Com Con 2011 to promote his new graphic novel THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARK TWAIN 1910 - 2010.

 Michael Kupperman 
 by karenagardner
Photographs of today's madness! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Editor's note -- The New York Yankees wanted its twitter followers to retweet this picture so they could go Back to the Bronx on Thursday for Game 5 against the Detroit Tigers.

Russell Martin is excited
Editor's note -- Twitter followers of the New York Yankees anticipate the Detroit Tigers are already wishing they hadn't gone Back to the Bronx on Thursday. 

 New York Yankees 
 by KarenAGardner
RT this amazing Russell Martin photo if you think Yankees will hang on tonight.  

Footnote to History: Unfortunately, it was the Yankees who were eliminated from ALDS because A-Rod struck out. The Editor wishes the Tigers well in their quest to obliterate the Rangers.