Monday, September 27, 2010

Mayerne's Experiments in Cookery!

Editor's note -- Interesting enough for a mention in the Gazette 

RT @TheOldFoodie An amazing pasty - recipe from 1658

According to The Old Foodies' blog: 
Today in 1573 was the birthday of Theodore Turquet de Mayerne, the Swiss-born physician to four kings – Henry IV of France, and James I, Charles I, and Charles II of England. ... Mayerne is a subject of interest for this blog because he was also a gourmet - or perhaps a glutton, for he became so fat in his age that he could no longer call on his patients, they had to come to him.
Mayerne’s interest in chemical remedies and extended to an interest in cookery, and in 1658 he published a fascinating cookery book with the intriguing title of Archimagirus Anglo-Gallicus, or, Excellent & Approved Receipts and Experiments in Cookery.
The Old Foodie resurrected an earlier post to commemorate the obese gourmand's birth! 
This recipe for a Pasty Royal is long, [which is why the Gazette is not reprinting the whole thing] but it is a wonderful read: a pasty based on a whole leg of mutton, but which includes only ONE [sic] clove of garlic ...
The Pasty Royal.
Take a legg of Mutton, strip the skin off from it, take out the bones nd the sinnues, after which beat the flesh to mortifie it and then cause it to be well chopt, and as you chop it, you must season it with salt spices.
Now your meat being thus well chopped, you must make up your paste of Rye-crust, and give it at least two inches in thickness proportionably according to the bignesse of your pasty, and raise the paste therof high enough.
You must line the bottomand sides thereof with fat Bacon in slices, and in the bottome you must also place a good handful of Ox suet which is small minced and thereunto add your meat after it shall have been well minced; and in case Chestnuts be in season, you may add thereunto a reasonable proportion after they shal have been first half roasted.
When your meat shall be thus in your pastie you must add thereunto one handful of Beef suet well minced, and about half a pound of Beef marrow cut into small pieces about the bigness of a walnut; All which composition you must cover or overspred with some slices of fat Bacon.
Finally, you shall cover this Pasty with Rye-crust at least a fingers breadth thick, and you must make a hole in the said lidd. ... 
[click on above link for baking instructions for said mutton]

courtesy of Wikipedia
For further reading on other accomplishments of Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Atomic Explosion Inside of a Person

Every year, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nuclear watchdog arm of the UN, gathers ministers from around the world to discuss ways to promote nuclear energy, strengthen efforts to keep other countries from illegally acquiring nuclear weapons, reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons and keep nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

(Skull and) Boneheads

Editor's note -- The Onion is America's Finest News Source besides Gardner's Gazette.

via @TheOnion - Archaeologists Unearth Lousiest Civilization Ever >>> 'What A Bunch Of Losers,' Researchers Say

MANAUS, BRAZIL— Archaeologists working in a remote section of the
Amazon Rainforest announced Tuesday that they have discovered the
ancient remnants of what they claimed may be the lousiest civilization in
human history.

According to Dr. Ronald Farber, a professor from the University of
Minnesota who is leading the excavation, the "half-assed" culture existed
from about 450 B.C. until 220 B.C., when it abruptly disappeared—an event
he said was "honestly no big loss" for our understanding of human culture. ...

"Our best guess is that these boneheads just lost interest in their
completely forgettable culture, wandered off, and accidentally fell into
volcanoes or burned to death in one of their ridiculous fire-dance rituals,"
said research fellow David Reagan, smashing an asymmetrical clay bowl
on a nearby rock. "Or maybe they all went blind staring at one of those
precious solar eclipses they seemed to be so goddamn fond of predicting.
"Really, though, who cares?"

"I think we're probably just going to cover all of this back up," Reagan added. 

Do Not Forget !! 
September 19th  
International Talk Like A Pirate Day !!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Countdown to Piracy!

All Hope Abandon Ye Buccaneers - 
International Talk Like A Pirate Day 
be only six days away !!

All hands on deck at Facebook:

RT @thecapnslappy If ye do The Facebook, we have a page for ye! Yo Ho! #fb
To look like while a pirate as ye  talk like a pirate  click on the Cafe Press Link and Gardner's Gazette reaps bounty from ye:

#ITLPD Sept. 19th RT @thecapnslappy And whilst I'm at it - visit our store ... to get geared up!

September 19, 2009 is The Original INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!
Apparently, seven years ago Dave Barry [you know, the extremely boring columnist from the Miami Herald] mentioned an amatuer pirate crew who talked like pirates one day a year in one of his columns and then wrote an introduction for the book:

Pirattitude!: So you Wanna Be a Pirate?: Here’s How!

Authors John “Chumbucket” Baur and Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers CLAIM they have become an “international PHENOMENEM that shows no sign of letting up”
So if you too want to talk like a pirate on a designated international holiday, you have nine days to practice.
How do know  this USELESS bit of trivia?

I blame Twitter ... 

(click on above Pirate are Ruining link to read on!) ...


Monday, September 6, 2010

Bedbug non-fiction

Editor's note -- Inspired by John Ptak Science Books Post 1120, this post is developing a new category of non-fiction Science Fiction. We begin our post in New York City where the The New York Observer compiled ~~

RT @NewYorkObserver Because it's friday! Top 10 Juiciest #Bedbug Stories from the Past Decade
10:03 AM Aug 27th via web

Probably one of the more satisfying stories actually took place on June 15, 2010 in New Jersey:
via ABC News -- As if a nearly two-year siege of negative attention hasn't been enough of a distraction for Goldman Sachs, now the controversial investment bank appears to be battling a potential bed bug problem.
Last week ended nicely with the revelation that bedbugs had infested Google:

RT @WSJ Bedbugs continue their invasion of New York City, this time at #Google's posh Manhattan office
about 4 hours ago web (9/3/10)
Bedbugs continued their summer-long invasion of New York businesses by taking over a small portion of Google’s posh Manhattan office.
The bedbug outbreak at Google makes it the latest business in New York City to suffer an an infestation this summer. Other bedbug victims have included Time Warner Inc., the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the Empire State Building, a triage room at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, a Times Square movie theater and several retail stores in Manhattan.

~Sad, but true ...