Monday, September 6, 2010

Bedbug non-fiction

Editor's note -- Inspired by John Ptak Science Books Post 1120, this post is developing a new category of non-fiction Science Fiction. We begin our post in New York City where the The New York Observer compiled ~~

RT @NewYorkObserver Because it's friday! Top 10 Juiciest #Bedbug Stories from the Past Decade
10:03 AM Aug 27th via web

Probably one of the more satisfying stories actually took place on June 15, 2010 in New Jersey:
via ABC News -- As if a nearly two-year siege of negative attention hasn't been enough of a distraction for Goldman Sachs, now the controversial investment bank appears to be battling a potential bed bug problem.
Last week ended nicely with the revelation that bedbugs had infested Google:

RT @WSJ Bedbugs continue their invasion of New York City, this time at #Google's posh Manhattan office
about 4 hours ago web (9/3/10)
Bedbugs continued their summer-long invasion of New York businesses by taking over a small portion of Google’s posh Manhattan office.
The bedbug outbreak at Google makes it the latest business in New York City to suffer an an infestation this summer. Other bedbug victims have included Time Warner Inc., the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the Empire State Building, a triage room at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, a Times Square movie theater and several retail stores in Manhattan.

~Sad, but true ...


  1. It looks like the only safe place to sleep in New York is at whore houses.

  2. And the Port Authority Bus Terminal, too.

  3. The slats on those hard-ass benches left vertical marks down my back.

  4. I couldn't get a wink of shuteye because the whorehouse was too noisy.


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