Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doubtful Discovery

Editor's note -- While the Discovery Space Shuttle's vapor trail was clearly visible in Jacksonville on Feb.24th, the Editor is highly doubtful of a similar sighting in the United Kingdom. 

The space shuttle Discovery prepares for its final launch at Kennedy Space Center's launch pad 39A

 Virtual Astronomer 
 by KarenAGardner
Right UK shall we have a looksy and see if we can spot it fly over the UK in 15 minutes? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Look West


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Angora

Editor's note -- Designer Jeremy Scott is the Editor's 

pick for "Best of the Worst" design collections at 

New York Fashion Week. 


Whose closet couldn't use a

 Bubble-Gum Pink Angora sweater 

with two holes cut out?

More Best of the Worst -

 k. a. gardner 

Worst of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Seriously? You want us to wear this stuff? - Fashi.. yahoo


  • To me, making fashion is about creating and enlarging my vision, not about selling blah number of units. It's not healthy to even think in terms of sales.
    —Jeremy Scott Oystermag.comRelevance to modern life—and the modern fashion consumer—never seems to be at the forefront of Jeremy Scott's mind. He sees fashion moran opportunity for cheeky social commentary (as in his 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reading queue

Editor's note -- The Boing Boing correspondent 

who filed a post reminding himself to read a book 

would not be on staff long at Flippantly Florida.

"Over at LIFE, our pal Ben Cosgrove presents a gallery of "Spooky Old Magician Posters" from the early 20th century. 
The illustration and design of these is, well, magical. It's no wonder that these posters are highly valuable. 
The art also reminds me that I have a brand new magic history book in my teetering reading queue and it looks terrific: 
Jim Steinmeyer's "The Last Greatest Magician in the World" tells the tale of Howard Thurston (1869-1936) and his rivalry with Houdini!"

 Boing Boing 
 by KarenAGardner
Early 20th century magic posters 

UPDATE: The Editor suggests to the Boing Boing correspondent that he read the Wall Street Journal's book review of same:  American Wizardry 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not as weird

Editor's Note -- The Huffington Post claims International Dadism month is the weirdest holidays the Editor has ever heard of, but the Editor thinks International Tuba Day on May 6th is weirder.

... Today marks the beginning of one of the weirdest holidays you'll ever hear of: International Dadaism Month.
The declaration was made on December 27, 2005 in Lawrence, Kansas by then Mayor Dennis Highberger. In true Dada fashion, International Dadaism Month isn't a specific calendar month but instead a series of dates, chosen at random by rolling dice and pulling numbers out of a hat.

Hugo Ball reading the poem "Karawane," 1916.

Hugo Ball co-founded Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dada in Zurich in 1916. In this photograph Ball is reciting "Karawane," one of his "sound poems." The entire text of the poem is below. For the record, Ball is German. But don't worry, even if you are fluent in German, it still won't make any sense.


jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla
großiga m'pfa habla horem
égiga goramen
higo bloiko russula huju
hollaka hollala
anlogo bung
blago bung
blago bung
bosso fataka
ü üü ü
schampa wulla wussa ólobo
hej tatta gôrem
eschige zunbada
wulubu ssubudu uluwu ssubudu
tumba ba-umf
kusa gauma
ba - umf

 HuffPost Arts 
 by KarenAGardner
Nonsense holiday: today begins International Dadaism Month