Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Angora

Editor's note -- Designer Jeremy Scott is the Editor's 

pick for "Best of the Worst" design collections at 

New York Fashion Week. 


Whose closet couldn't use a

 Bubble-Gum Pink Angora sweater 

with two holes cut out?

More Best of the Worst -

 k. a. gardner 

Worst of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Seriously? You want us to wear this stuff? - Fashi.. yahoo


  • To me, making fashion is about creating and enlarging my vision, not about selling blah number of units. It's not healthy to even think in terms of sales.
    —Jeremy Scott Oystermag.comRelevance to modern life—and the modern fashion consumer—never seems to be at the forefront of Jeremy Scott's mind. He sees fashion moran opportunity for cheeky social commentary (as in his 


  1. Is that Pansi??? But why is she covering her boobs?

  2. How could she be Pansi? She is obviously a terribly overdressed Barbie.

  3. Of course. But the resemblance is striking. Perhaps a cousin.

  4. Perhaps. An affinity for that shade of pink may run in the family.


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