Friday, May 20, 2011


Editor's note -- According to the followers of radio preacher Harold Camping, Judgment Day is coming tomorrow. Camping et al. believe that 200 million people will be "raptured" on May 21, whereas the rest of humankind—and the world—will be destroyed.

Legend has it that Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider could generate "mini black holes" that devour the universe. 

The Editor plans to be among the 200-million rapturees and  hopes the ensuing destruction caused by 
"Supercollider" is not too painful.

Editor's note --Apocalypse courtesy of Slate.


  1. You no it's comming!!!!! All you sinner's better get reddy to bern in HELL!!!!!

  2. Hi PANSI!!!
    It's already after 7 pm but Supercollider hasn't devoured the Universe yet.


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