Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barcelona (updated)

Editor's note -- "Malevich is not dead. He lives in Barcelona."
 Here begins an investigative inquiry into two mysterious tweets received shortly after sister site Flipped again posted Manifesto on May 2nd. 

Barcelona Spain -- Kasimir Malevich "Suprematism" inspired street graffiti (N. Malevitch) 

 Nicolas Malevitch 

@ An image:  Kasimir. A place:. A watch. Is this a real picture?
4 May 

 k. a. gardner 

?.@ @ An image:  Kasimir. A place: . A watch. Is this a real picture? 
6 May

 Nicolas Malevitch 

@ As a novel based on the story some of the photos are real, the other fiction, It depend
7 May

Editor's update -- The investigation ended at "Remember Kasimir"- a 2009 multimedia web project by Michel Goday 

"Remember Kasimir is a Web-novel, week after week, count how two people who are rebuilt, almost a hundred years later, the work of Kasimir Malevich in the streets of Barcelona, ​​using means such as photomontage, video, networks set of social and communication skills current."
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