Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gray Lady’s newsroom.

Editor's note -- Over three years ago,The New York Times
wondered what would happen to itself 
after it moved to a 53-story skyscraper. 
The New York Post answered that question ... 

"The sound is muffled by wall-to-wall carpet tiles and
 fabric-lined cubicles. But it’s still there, embedded in the concrete and steel sinews of the old factory at 229 West 43rd Street, 
where The New York Times was written and edited yesterday for the last time."
- The New York Times Company archives -
THE ‘FACTORY’ It has something of the look of a French chateau,
but inside it hummed like a machine.            
"... But how can The Times maintain its gravity in the ether? How will it fulfill a commitment to thoroughness, accuracy and detachment if a premium is placed on speed, color and buzz? Can be produced to exactly the same standards as The New York Times? Should it be? If not, what will the new standards be?"
"And what will happen to that perishable, inky, labor-intensive, energy-consuming, tree-swallowing, three-dimensional commodity whose production

lay at the heart of 229 West 43rd Street? 
How much longer will the newspaper itself exist?"
"Certainly, The Times has reinvented itself before. But it always kept one eye on tradition. History meant something here."
"We do know, however, that it will be much quieter on West 43rd Street.
Just listen."

Editor's note -- KA-BLOOM! The New York Times building reinvents itself into a bowling alley!

No Way! RT @ "Let it Roll! New Times Square Alley Bowlmor Promises Dining, Drinking and Yes, Bowling: 
Bowlmor Bob is seen above Bowlmor Lanes on W44th Street in New York,
Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010. (New York Post/Chad Rachman)

"A 25-foot-high neon sign of “Bowlmor Bob” will greet visitors at the
222 W. 44th St. entrance, while inside the spectacle continues with
seven bowling areas inspired by iconic NYC settings such as Central Park, Chinatown and pre-Giuliani Times Square."

Editor's note -- Click on this link to read more about the reinvention of the old New York Times Building!



  1. How pre-Juliani are we talking? Will there be massage parlors?
    Hobbes Jr.

  2. I guess this blog post isn't very clear. I was still experimenting with format. The new Bowlmor Lanes is currently in what was the old NYT building, which had been in Times Square since Gov. Robert Van Wyck.

    Mayor Bloomberg said over his dead body will there will be massage parlors in the either Bowlmor Lanes or the new NYT building on 8th Ave.


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