Monday, November 15, 2010

Facts about Zelnio

Editor's note --  Kevin Zelnio is a self-described Marine Biologist, Writer, Musician, 
Purveyor of the Spineless, and Evangelist of Open Access.
He has a blog called 
This blog is linked to our sister online publication - Flipside Florida's - 
blog roll because his blog was part of an FF story from last year, 

Another Editor's note -- The Gazette retweeted an amusing
tweet of Zelnio's
that linked to a 404 Error page which was either supposed to be a
 "hipster dinosaur coloring book", 
or was in fact an error. 
is a humorous blog link worthy of keeping.

 Kevin Zelnio 
 by GardnersGazette
LOL seen the hipster dinosaur coloring book? @ Unhappy hipsters   

Editor's note again -- The other link is to a blog entry from

It's just a picture of a fireplace and chimney in the middle of nowhere 
with two people sitting in front of it.

Her refusal to consider his opposition to their architect’s literal interpretation of the open floor plan resulted in a lifetime of bitterness.
(Photo: Chad Holder; Dwell)



  1. Chad captured the essence of bitterness.

  2. Our Houston Texans are turning out to be regular bums arent they? I doubt that even 'Stag' could help them.
    Seems that those last minute scenarios also hit Peyton Manning yesterday. But then we are 1 & 1 with the Colts this year.

  3. Yeah Jim. 'Stag' couldn't help them last night either. Seems the 'better' team won ...

  4. I enjoyed the sad and depressive site.

  5. Ha! I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the "Sad and Useless" blog. I've just started following it on Twitter.

    I may be to alter one of their posts for one of my own!


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