Monday, November 8, 2010

Better Tales of Mud (Pies)

Editor's note -- In what the Gazette can only assume is in reply to its report of Vanity Fair magazine's tweet ... 

! RT @ The Top Five Most Humiliating Details About a British Submarine’s Capture by Some Mud   

... was the issuance of a book review to repair Mud's image by London-
based The Economist newspaper: 

Image courtesy of The Economist via The New York Book Review
#UnconventionalCookbooks Mud pie a-la-mud -- 

"Marjorie Winslow's "Mud Pies and Other Recipes", illustrated by Erik Blegvad, is a cookbook for dolls originally published in 1961. This charming and fastidiously complete resource has been *reissued thankfullyby the New York Review Children's Collection." ...

"... Winslow's book is a gem. If the humour and brio of "Mud Pies" feels somewhat dated, well, that only shows what a shame it is that such offerings are now so few and far between. 
As it happens, 1961 was also the year that Mattel introduced a boyfriend for Barbie in the form of a moulded plastic doll named Ken ©A reader may be forgiven for wishing that Barbie © had been gifted a copy of "Mud Pies" instead.

Editor's note -- Winslow's "Mud Pie" book is a gem as is Martha Stewart's recipe for 

Image courtesy of

"When assembling the cake, use a new doll and wrap it in plastic before putting it in the center of the cake. Candles should absolutely not be used, because Barbie's hair is flammable."



  1. Cheaper to just put edible panties on her.

  2. How many dozens of edible Barbie panties would it take to even make a decent afternoon snack?

  3. Thanks for the comment and compliment. I love you, Karen. I did the translation. I assume the compliment was tongue in cheek. I was proud to work in two puns using only 140 characters and spaces.

    I enjoyed our football game today. All but the last eight seconds! I'd love to hear your description if you watched it. I say that Jacksonville got very lucky.

    We miss Doug's playground, don't we?

  4. Thanks, Jim.

    As you may recall, the game was going into overtime. David Garrard threw a 50-yard "Hail Mary" pass. One of the Texans (can't remember who) tipped the ball right into Mike Thomas' hands for the touchdown.

    So yes, the Jaguars got lucky in that regard, but we would have won in overtime anyway.

    The AFC South standings are:

    1. Indianapolis
    2. Jacksonville
    3. Tennessee
    4. Houston

    I'm not sure if we miss Doug. Why don't you ask Tom & Icy. I believe you two are already acquainted.

    See you around, cowboy.

  5. Ah, a new site. Jim, the whole blogosphere is my playground now. Like when Obi Wan was cut down by Darth Vader.

  6. How timely ... Martha baked a Barbie (big four-three) Birthday Cake for Doug!

    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Doug,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

  7. Thanks, Jim.

    If you would like to continue our football discussion, I suggest you do so on this post.

    There are 'no moral victories' in professional football. It doesn't matter if "those last minute scenarios also hit Peyton Manning yesterday. But then we are 1 & 1 with the Colts this year."

    The AFC Standings (this week) are:

    1. Jacksonville ... 6W - 4L (div. 2-1)
    2. Indianapolis ... 6W - 4L
    3. Tennessee ... 5W - 5L
    4. Houston ... 4W - 6L

  8. RT @CBSSports Ravens win on a pick-six by Wilson: FINAL - Baltimore 34, Houston 28 in OT. Texans' 99- and 95-yd. drives to tie in 4th qtr go for naught.


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