Sunday, March 18, 2012

Manning Wears a Jersey

Editor's Note -- This finger painting by the Jaguars doesn't really mean they want Peyton Manning for their quarterback. They just don't want him to go to the Tennessee Titans and stay in the AFC South. 

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via  - Adorable  Mail Peyton Manning Picture They Fingerpainted Of Him Wearing Jacksonville Jersey 


  1. I wish that someone would pick him up so the morning show DJ's in Denver would STFU about it already!

    1. Cie, be careful what you wish for as there is no rest for the weary or morning DJs. I just read this on Yahoo Sports:

      "Per Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Peyton Manning has made his decision ... and he's taking his talent to the Mile High City. Mort reported that Manning had advised agent Tom Condon to wrap up negotiations on what is believed to be a five-year, $90 million offer."

  2. Hey Jim ~~ Sorry I forgot to post your email to me on this post. I sent you a FB friend request and hope you will be my friend there, too. And you're right about the Broncos.

    Hi Karen ~~ ~~ I had left a comment on this blog before but I can't find the button today. Sorry but you can paste my answer in a 'reporter' way if you want. I would like to know how to leave comments though.

    1. I love your picture, from the Onion, I think.
    2. My prediction is that Manning will go to the Broncos. He is getting older and with the thin air up there in Denver his passing game will LOOK better.
    3. I didn't want the Titans to have him either. He wouldn't be good for our Texans although I believe we can handle him. We still have to play the Broncos.
    4. Another prediction from some scuttlebutt I've been hearing is that he is prime for the Jaguars. Mrs. Jim says (I'm not one of his followers) that he is from Florida so he might like coming home.

    How's that. Thank you for peeking in on me and helping to keep me honest. Seriously, I like your blog and would like to return your comments.


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