Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom from Like

Editor's note -- In defiance of the Wall Street Journal, the Editor has indeed tweeted its article. They should be pleased to learn, however, that it was not well-liked enough to merit a  "like" on the Editor's Facebook page.

"Rise up against the tyranny of the 'Like' button,"
said the WSJ.

 k. a. gardner 


  1. I guess the U.K. wouldn't celebrate Independence Day. Pity. No fireworks for you!

  2. They could turn it into a drinking holiday anyhow, the way U.S. citizens turned St. Patrick's Day into a drinking holiday. That would be some fair turnabout!

  3. Cie, Here's a St. Patty's Day toast to you!

    May you never forget what is
    worth remembering
    or remember what is best forgotten.

  4. FaceBook stinks with it's like button. If they had a Don't Like then we could get at the truth of the matter.

    I hope you had a 'Happy 4th," Karen.
    Your state is in the new right now, big time!

  5. James, I loved Rachel's comment on your Monday post!

    "I liked your critter photos and your reunion photo. I'm so glad you are not one of the deceased!!"

    Plus I learned at your blog that an aranea is a genus of orb-weaving spiders including common garden spiders and barn spiders. Thanks.


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