Saturday, January 29, 2011

Haunting Holden

Editor's note -- Apparently, beyond J.D. Salinger's love of bologna sandwiches was an affection for old black and white photographs. Slate remembered the first anniversary of his death with a Holden Caulfield slide show. 

Salinger's New York
NEW YORK CITY—Third Avenue, 1954.
© Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

 by KarenAGardner
Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of Salinger's death. Some great @ of Holden Caulfield's NYC haunts.

Jan. 27, 2010



  1. I guess it has been only a year. He'd been in hiding for so long that it seems like longer.
    I too have a fondness for old black and white photographs and even movies and television programs. It somehow makes things more surreal.

  2. There are classic films I can't imagine in anything other than black & white - especially Humphrey Bogart movies.

  3. I love old B&W films but could never 'get' "Catcher in the Rye"

  4. It's been 30 years or so since I read it. I should probably re-read it because I really identified with Holden Caulfield at the time. I remember I was living in Los Angeles and was in a club with friends. A club-rat sauntered by and I said, "He's such a PHONY." Another in our group was angry with me for saying so: "How do YOU know???" I answered, "because I'm reading Catcher in the Rye."


  5. I went to a second tier prep school similar to the one Holden attends, and even though it was later, many things still rang true in his depictions.
    But I think I like his Glass family stories better.

  6. It's been such a long time, but now I'm inspired to rediscover him.


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