Saturday, January 22, 2011

A bologna sandwich

Editor's note -- This has nothing to do with the State of

 Florida, but it is altered news via twitter.

 I followed J.D. Salinger and he followed me.

 Whether or not 

he was the REAL J.D. Salinger doesn't matter
because this is one of the best tweets the Editor 

has ever read.  

A baloney sandwich

MrJDSalinger J.D. Salinger 

If you don't want to be on twitter, 

get off twitter. 

Make yourself a bologna sandwich 

and whine into the rain. 


~ 8 ~


  1. That is pretty good. But I don't like bologna!

  2. Oddly enough yes, even though I hate liver. I always liked liverwurst well enough but I could never stand liver & onion night at home.

  3. I do like liver & onions, but not too often. I think I like Braunschweiger just a little bit better than liverwurst.

  4. Switch the spread for mustard, Karen, and you'll save 100 calories for the next person.

  5. Jim, you sly old feller! How'd you sneak in here?

  6. I don't care for Spam, though.


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