Monday, July 26, 2010

Wilful Walking and Pirate Talking!

AHOY !! Welcome aboard to the Londoner C.J. Duffy of Wilful Ways of C.J. Duffy
Editor's Note -- C.J. Duffy got lost on one of his "wilful walks" and was never heard from again.

"Swash my buckles and brace the spanker, the top gallant needs reefing..."
RT @NoQuarterGiven YOU MIGHT BE A PIRATE IF you've been banned from the pond in the park because your toy #boat keeps sinking the others.

>>>RT @Thecapnslappy Only 55 Days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day! ... be prepared!
about 24 hours ago via web

>>>Avast Ye!! RT @pirateday Nay, matey! There still be 61 days till #TLAPD -

9:13 AM Jul 19th via web

>>> 888 <<<

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