Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Canada?

When the Gazette last left Rueven's G20 Summit, he was hoping the rioting idiots would all catch colds because it was pouring in Toronto.

The National Review Online, however, was not as kind:

"I may have to revise my old line about the British police being "the most monumentally useless in the developed world". For the G20 summit, the Toronto coppers ordered up a ton of new body armor, weaponry, gas masks, etc - and then stood around in their state-of-the-art riot gear watching as a bunch of middle-class "anarchists" trashed the city."

Full article link tweeted by Pajama Media's Instapundit below:

"Monumentally Useless" RT @instapundit SPECTATORS IN BODY ARMOR: “Her Majesty’s Constabulary seem to be ...
11:03 PM Jun 26th via web

Riot updates from the National Post:

"... in a desolate section of northwest Toronto" RT @postedtoronto Toronto courthouse overwhelmed by G20 proceedings
7:46 PM Jun 27th via web

Brett Gundlock and Colin O’Connor RT @postedtoronto G20: Post photographers spend night in detention centre
Sun Jun 27 2010 21:57:42 (Eastern Daylight Time) via web

Protesting the treatment of protesters:

"not the kind of Canada we want." RT @postedtoronto Quebec-based protest group to mark Canada Day with G20 march
Wed Jun 30 2010 13:46:07 (Eastern Daylight Time) via web

Resolved! RT @postedtoronto No public inquiry into police at #G20 protests: McGuinty
about 18 hours ago via web

Meanwhile in South Australia, Colin "clutterbells" Campbell tweets: Oh Canada

Pop quiz: (choose one) Which country is better -- Australia or Canada? RT @clutterbells July 1 Canada Day Oh Canada..
Thu Jul 01 2010 19:25:29 (Eastern Daylight Time) via web


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