Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pindaric Advice

Editor's note -- IKEA Instructions for Stonehenge:

"If plagued by demons or suffering from pestilence, seek advice from a druid before attempting assembly."

The Bard, 1774, by Welsh artist Thomas Jones

Torment.The Editor is now seeking advice from Thomas Gray's The Bard: A Pindaric Ode at Flipped Again. In the painting by Thomas Jones, Stonehenge represent the antiquity of Welsh Bards, thought to be descendants of Celtic Druids.

'Weave the warp, and weave the woof,
The winding-sheet of Edward's race. 
Give ample room, and verge enough
The characters of hell to trace.
Mark the year, and mark the night,
When Severn shall re-eccho with affright
The shrieks of death, thro' Berkley's roofs that ring,
Shrieks of an agonizing King!
She-Wolf of France with unrelenting fangs,
That tear'st the bowels of thy mangled Mate,
From thee be born, who o'er thy country hangs
The scourge of Heav'n. What Terrors round him wait! 
Amazement in his van, with Flight combined,
And Sorrow's faded form, and Solitude behind.

Pestilence Tip: Susan Brown Carleton on Facebook

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