Sunday, August 19, 2012

Editors Are Actually Jerks

Editor's note -- ReFashioning Flipside is a new blog of old Flipside Florida stuff. When transferring one of its posts, the Editor noticed that why "Dolphins Are Actually Jerks?" was never actually explained.

Mmmm … Yellow Fin
 "WSM’s post explains [why WSM thinks dolphins are jerks]  some environmentalists  (such as Greenpeace)  mean well, but are not always helpful.  This is indicted by the title of the post, which includes the phrase 'ecological disaster'".

The answer is "Dolphin Free Tuna" fishing methods. @WhySharksMatter doesn't think it's worth saving dolphins, who are not endangered, at the expense of sea turtles, sharks, and many other fish species who are endangered.

ReFashioning Flipside: (New Blog of Old Stuff) "Dolphins are Actually Jerks?" I had fun with this post!! 

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