Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Honky Tonk Woman

Editor's note -- In which Roger Ebert is unaware this is a picture of Mick Jagger in drag.

Editor's note -- Maybe, Roger. It all depends on who you think it is.

 Roger Ebert 
 by KarenAGardner
Photo for 9/28: Is this who I think it is? 


  1. I thought it was Mick's dear old grandmum. She's not much to look at, but what a woman!

  2. I met up with a friend last night whom I had not seen for quite a while. She had a lump in her cheek like your guy. I might have suspicioned that she had a wad of chew but my friend doesn't chew. I hope she looks better than this when she is older.

  3. Hi Jim. I have to say, your friend might not appreciate your comment. I'll bet she hopes she doesn't look like you when she gets older. Thanks for stopping by, though.


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