Friday, June 24, 2011

"Victim's plight"

Editor's note -- The Onion ~ American's Finest News Source announced on Wednesday it was ignored by the Pulitzer Committee.

 The Onion 
 by KarenAGardner
SAN FERNANDO, MEXICO—In an effort to better connect with the men and women murdered by the Zetas drug cartel, Josh Sullivan, an investigative reporter for The Onion, eschewed modern conveniences and the comforts of home for a month, going undercover and posing as a corpse in a mass grave to gain an intimate understanding of the victims’ plight.

Editor's note -- It's widely acknowledged by the news industry that Mr Sullivan of The Onion was snubbed for a Pulitzer Prize in the category of:
                                                     Specialized Investigative Reporting on Deadline.

 k. a. gardner 

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