Monday, March 21, 2011

Whatever happened to Baby Bell?

Editor's note -- Basically, AT&T is buying 130-million T-Mobile's customers for $39 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint cellular is concerned. The Editor agrees with Sprint.   

  AT&T  will have a virtual communications monopoly over the Editor if the FCC approves this sale. An AT&T broadband DSL modem controls her phone service, television, internet and wireless service.

One time AT&T had some sort of glitch and the Editor had to call them using her T-Mobile cell phone. If AT&T had owned T-Mobile at that time, the Editor might not be publishing this post today.

Older Motorola needs to be switched out for newer model while T-Mobile still offers that service.

KarenAGardner  k. a. gardner 

ATTN: AT&T -- I suggest offering me a T-Mobile Customer-Longevity credit on my bill - AT&T to Buy T-Mobile 


  1. I don't know much about US telcos, but I'm fond of motorola handsets and have used them virtually for my entire cellphone career...

    Hate that factory default ring tone though. Did you know that people have actually been mentally institutionalised having failed for whatever reason to get rid of the dreaded "hello moto"

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  2. I wish I had known of "hello moto." My own recorded voice occasionally sets me to rage.

  3. I still haven't switched out my fuschia handset for a newer Motorola of a different color.


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