Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things The Wall Street Journal #Hates This Week:

 RT @ New feature! Things The Wall Street Journal This Week:

This is the second installment of a new Atlantic Wire Friday feature, in which we attempt to chronicle the various people, places, and broad societal trends that The Wall Street Journal has deemed ugly and wrong over the past week. This series will continue until we stop finding it funny, or the Journal switches to an all cute cat photo format.
Editor's note -- The Gazette highlights a few detestable WSJ articles which The Atlantic Wire found amusing this past Friday. The Editor imagines that it's dress-down Friday at the Atlantic's office and everyone is wearing jeans and a polo shirt, too.

Something called 'Pickleball' -- If The Atlantic had read the article they would know that a pickleball is retired sport that is part badminton, part ping-pong and part tennis. It drives some crybaby couple crazy because  there is a constant  banging noise near their house.

"Hey you dopes ...
This is a pickle ball !!"
said the WSJ to the Atlantic Wire

People who don't know how to curse -- Jan Morris is Welsh writer and says Britons are a bunch of *arses* for not saying *bugger off* like Winston Churchill did.

Editor's note -- Ms Morris can conclude her blashemous rant any goddam way she feels like as far as this Editor concerned.
And in case some prissy subeditor has bowdlerized that last word before it got into print, let me conclude with this one: !!!*@*!!!
The word 'Ass' -- The FCC is all pissed-off and stuff because a Levi Strauss advertisement says "All Asses Were Not Created Equal." Editor's note -- Obviously.

"Many young people shrug off the more-risqué language for jeans marketing. Some parents have their doubts" said the Wall Street Journal.



  1. Wow and thanks! I think I just got the education I've beeen looking for! Now if you've got a minute, could you help me find my marbles? I've been looking for those too.

  2. It's really late here, SparkleFarkle. We can try to find your marbles (or stray pickle balls) at some other time. Perhaps tomorrow. Now bugger off.


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